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Diabetes and me


That’s me Steve McMenamin author of this site also channel swimmer to be. I have only been swimming for about 5 years. I started swimming in the sea last year and with this in mind I feel like I have been in training for this most of my life.

After playing Rugby for 15 years I decided to retire from the glorious game and find a kinder sport. I was also diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic around this time so had an added incentive to stay active. See 'Diabetes and me' link on the left

I read an article on triathlons and thought 'Could I do this?'. At the time my swimming was limited to 2 lengths before I needed a break, I didn’t have a bike or ridden one for many years. And running? Well I could manage about ½ mile.

Now a few years into triathlon I sometimes think surely it should get easier?. Well to be truthful it does but you just upgrade to the next level, to go for longer or faster, bringing you back to the question 'Can I really do this?'. So now I have a simple answer - one stroke/peddle/step at a time.

The English Channel. Why? Because I have not done it yet.

Steve McMenamin



I've been swimming all my life, although I didn't start open water swimming until about 5 years ago. In 2008, on a trip to swim the Hellespont in Turkey, I spent a little too much time talking with contagiously enthusiastic Channel swimmers and decided that the time was right to have a go at it myself. So, in addition to the relay swim in August, I'm also training for a solo crossing in August 2010 - two amazing summers of swimming ahead!

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Karen Throsby


Jamie originates from Australia where the water is warm.  He has raced as a sponsored cyclist in France (but is not prepared to pay to go back there) and has represented Great Britain at age group level in Triathlon (water temperature always above 26 Degrees Celsius).  He enjoys sport in general and has spent the majority of his life playing cricket, golf and baseball with the only competitive sport in the past 8 years being the executive golfing circuit (bacon roles, 18 holes of golf & entertainment) - commonly referred to as "the man on the donkey", he now feels compelled to do something different under his own steam and has shaved his head to get used to the cold.

Jamie spent more than his fair share of life at university and continued with post graduate qualifications to avoid any real work.  He had a brief stint as a physiotherapist for the British Swimming Team, so he should have some idea of what is involved, but having spent most the time working as a "masseur" in a darkened room behind the scenes, one can't be quite sure.  Jamie gave up Physiotherapy to sell CDs for IBM, however in an attempt to follow his motto that "those who can't do manage", he changed roles and is now running a CD business (Lotus Software), he relies heavily on the world's financial sector for success thus finding he has sufficient time to train.  Combine the above with the fact that he lives in a  house full of the English (wife and 3 children), making a swim for it seems like the only logical option.

Jamie Goodhead